Boy in December is a band of brothers who have been playing together since birth. Growing up in Huron County, the Husseys – Mark (bass), Matt (piano, vocals), Micah (guitar) and Manny (drums) – fell into music one after another, driven to make it, play it and put it out for everyone who’d listen. Coming from a family of nine children, they had a built-in audience from day one. After playing together in the band Silence, and experiencing a rush of success with an ornate, progressive rock sound and showl, the brothers came to the point where they had to make a change, and went back into the studio determined to find a new direction. It took them four years to break apart their old sound and rebuild themselves. Working with a new producer, the Husseys began to approach their songs differently, focusing on strong hooks and arena-ready choruses, crafting songs that captured their intensity and integrity as performers and lifted their music to a new level. “Making this album was an unbelievable process for us,” says Mark Hussey, whose background in music production and engineering makes him a key contributor to the band’s overall sound. “We were relentless with each song, working at it from every angle until we were satisfied, until we had an album’s worth of songs that we knew were really strong. And now, having gone through that process, we can’t wait to get out there and play these songs for people.” That difficult process of changing their sound has paid off for Boy in December. Their debut release provides listeners with a range of songs that break down barriers and appeal to a broad spectrum of music fans. In a time when music and entertainment is ruthlessly marketed with an ever-tighter focus to very specific audiences, the Hussey brothers show that they are capable of tearing down the walls between target markets and focus groups and replacing convenient labels with a simple concept: playing great songs. And there is a huge audience of people out there hungry for just that.

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