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One of our new songs states “i’m on duty for, the rest of my life”…..at least i think that is what my brother is singing.  What are we on duty for?….are we are brothers keeper, our sisters keeper?….yes i believe so.  this week i fell asleep on duty and the world is physically without a great friend.  A beautiful soul who only wanted the best for everyone.  May we be more alert in the dark times to really see the light.  more sober in our drunken state to live by knowing rather than emotion. more in tune with our intuition to recognize the hurt of the world,  and most importantly more in love with ourselves so that we can see the world as pure as it is….may we truly bring SHANE back to life with our LIVES.   peace forever and ever.



Snow, Brandon burke, Ms.Walker and Robert Plant….

it is a quarter to midnight, sunday night.  a beautiful night indeed.  the snow is coming down.  very romantic.  if i was more inspired i would throw on my jacket and head out for a walk with my love in the snow.  listening to sir Robert Plant and the band of joy….just the name of his band is enough to give the album a listen.  who doesn’t like joy?….and right now the band is truly giving me joy….what a wonderful thought – joy, love, happiness – truly what life is.

I watched a documentary earlier today about brian burkes’ son Brandon, who died in a car accident – very sad…i remember going in to work the morning after it happened and a guy saying, “at least it was his gay son”….- fuck, that pissed me off….still does!!!.  what an awful perspective on life.  and how do some people still think this way..so insane.  Brandon Burke – thank you for standing up for yourself and showing the world a strong spirit…so sorry you had to leave us s0 early….and so sorry that some of us on this planet think it is ok that you died because you are a homosexual….does any one else find this incredibly morbid?…if only we would think before we say these foolish and idiotic sentences….god forgive us all.

there is a sense of greatness tonight…as i sit on my couch with my love, melissa, i feel very much in love, very much satisfied, but not at all really….i still want to be a rock star….want the world to hear my chords…to reach out and touch my gold top les paul….just want to make a difference somehow, some way….like mr. Burke….but i don’t want to leave the planet to do it…i want to live for a good long time and if i’m 90 and we finally get a record deal….so be it.  i can wait…can you?


marry christ mass

one, two….test for echo…a wide open space, me in the middle – yelling, screaming….what answers?…. My voice… yelling back at me….interesting….it all comes back to me….inside, outside….all we can do is scream loud enough to bring us back to ourselves and then – wow….the fucking revolution, the responsibility, starts up inside….look out….the echo just got back to me and the answer is pretty damn clear….get up you fool….live out your dreams….why are WE stuck in the revolution and not THE REVOLUTION?…another christmas is approaching – feels like the last – the past becomes the future and the future the past…wake up….dream out loud….become what today is….and not what it is supposed to be….

merry christmas


the new sun rising…

so this morning i was going to get up early and go to church.  why?….i’m not really sure to be honest but for some reason i felt the need or i have felt the need as of late.  Although,  last night i was listening to the radio and was wondering why we humans always have to look outside of ourselves for some comfort.  Continue Reading…


Rainy Night or drippy Knight?

As i drove home tonight from meeting with the boys and working on our web site – the rain was starting to hit the windshield….i listened to tapestry on CBC – some lady chatting about how all of us are a mess really – whether we think we have it all together or not, once in awhile we have to stop and listen and realize that we are all the same…all playing the game called life – the thing we humans have created….the great and amazing race to what?….perfection?….we must stop running once and awhile and lie down and just listen….to what?….whatever speaks i suppose….We are all a mess, but at least we are together on that….and can fix ourselves….PEACE OUT…

Micah the James of Hussey