it is a quarter to midnight, sunday night.  a beautiful night indeed.  the snow is coming down.  very romantic.  if i was more inspired i would throw on my jacket and head out for a walk with my love in the snow.  listening to sir Robert Plant and the band of joy….just the name of his band is enough to give the album a listen.  who doesn’t like joy?….and right now the band is truly giving me joy….what a wonderful thought – joy, love, happiness – truly what life is.

I watched a documentary earlier today about brian burkes’ son Brandon, who died in a car accident – very sad…i remember going in to work the morning after it happened and a guy saying, “at least it was his gay son”….- fuck, that pissed me off….still does!!!.  what an awful perspective on life.  and how do some people still think this insane.  Brandon Burke – thank you for standing up for yourself and showing the world a strong spirit…so sorry you had to leave us s0 early….and so sorry that some of us on this planet think it is ok that you died because you are a homosexual….does any one else find this incredibly morbid?…if only we would think before we say these foolish and idiotic sentences….god forgive us all.

there is a sense of greatness tonight…as i sit on my couch with my love, melissa, i feel very much in love, very much satisfied, but not at all really….i still want to be a rock star….want the world to hear my chords…to reach out and touch my gold top les paul….just want to make a difference somehow, some way….like mr. Burke….but i don’t want to leave the planet to do it…i want to live for a good long time and if i’m 90 and we finally get a record deal….so be it.  i can wait…can you?

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