so this morning i was going to get up early and go to church.  why?….i’m not really sure to be honest but for some reason i felt the need or i have felt the need as of late.  Although,  last night i was listening to the radio and was wondering why we humans always have to look outside of ourselves for some comfort.  why do we need a saviour?…why do we go looking for peace instead of just being peace?….these are questions, not answers….and even I find myself looking for something, searching for some great answer, some thought that will make me say – ah yes that is it – i don’t think we will ever find the answer outside of ourselves — i do believe that there is great peace in nature – on the golf course with my dad – there is peace – in my house with my wife – there is great peace – on the stage with my brothers – there is peace – and the list goes on and on – so what else do i need?….there is always a vacuum, a void in us all that somehow needs to be filled…i suppose it keeps us going – keeps us looking for something better – a greater life – a more inspired way of doing things – but it also keeps people on their knees – waiting for something – and as Ron Sexsmith says  “and if we’d get up off our knees, why then we’d see the forest for the trees, and we’d see the new sun rising, over the hills on the horizon….gold in them hills” – we need to get up off our knees and see the world all around us and how it is all of the same really -  you see to me church keeps us in a bit of a vacuum – keeps us on our knees waiting for some saviour – well get up and realize that your  saviour has come – see the forest that has been created – see what still can be created – st0p waiting for something to happen – make it happen – see the gold in them hills – mine and put it to use – wear it – be it!….and still i feel the desire for something – i am but a walking contradiction – but i am what i am —PEACE.

micah the james of hussey

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